Wisconsin lawyer owes disciplinary action despite bankruptcy

Attorney’s penalty unpaid for discipline charges

A lawyer’s penalty that is not paid for disciplinary actions is not exempt from bankruptcy since it’s a ‘penalty’ that is paid to the state the Seventh Circuit said Monday, declaring that it is required to pay a sum of about $12, 000 before the attorney can be reinstated in the State Bar of Wisconsin. The BankruptcyHQ appeals court, which is dealing with the matter in the very first instance joined with other federal appeals courts to consider the issue, he explained.

Wisconsin Supreme Court reprimanded attorney Tim Osicka for failing to respond to clients who were unhappy about his work. He was also reprimanded for not cooperating with an investigation by the state bar an appeals court that hears the United States for the Seventh Circuit. The court also ordered a restitution of $150 to a customer and an amount of $12,500 to pay for the expenses of his disciplinary actions.

Osicka ended his practice and applied for bankruptcy protection and listed his employer, the Wisconsin Office of Legal Regulation as an unsecure creditor. He was granted an overall discharge of his obligations. However, when he filed for reinstatement and was denied, the OLR stated that he was still required to pay the penalty cost. The general release of debts in the Bankruptcy Code excludes fines, fines and forfeitures of the government as per Seventh Circuit Judge Michael Y. Scudder Jr. Osicka’s punishment was a punishment that he claimed to be a penalty.

First, Wisconsin’s rules that allows costs orders “unambiguously declares attorney discipline to be an illegal activity,” Scudder said. The second reason is that Osicka’s punishment was not compensation for the actual financial loss since the OLR “simply used money it already had allotted” in order to enhance its public duties as it stated. He states. “Our bankruptcy courts of the circuit have also discovered that there is no conflict between securing lawyer misconduct and weighing the severity of punishment against expenditures by the government,” a way of adapting the remedy for the specific case that he explained. he declares. He declares. Judges Michael B. Brennan and Candace Jackson-Akiwumi served as panel members.

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