Retirement? Provident fund settlement delayed due to missing credit on GPF account? The government issues instructions

Regulation of the government provident fund for retirees: In view of complaints from retired civil servants suffering from delays in Government Provident Fund (GPF) settlements, the Department of Pensions and Retired Welfare (DoPPW) has issued instructions to all departments/ ministries concerned to comply strictly with the memorandum of the office of the Department (OM) of 17-07-2020.

In an OM dated 2022-08-18, the DoPPW stated that it had received representations/grievances from retired officials for inaccurate and delayed GPF settlement as well as interest, upon their retirement, due to frequent occurrences missing credits in their GPF accounts.

“Missing credits in GPF have been reported mainly by subscribers, who during their service have moved from one establishment to another or been assigned to foreign deputation and also by officers of All India Services, who have proceeded to a deputation outside their frameworks”, noted OM.

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“In this regard, the instructions issued in the OM of this department dated 17.07.2020 are reiterated and all ministries/departments and their attached and subordinate offices are requested to bring these instructions to the attention of all persons concerned to strict compliance,” he said.

Missing GPF credit: what OM 2020 said

The OM dated July 17, 2020 specifies that the GPF account is held by a different establishment from the one generating their payroll and deducting their GPF contribution. “Needless to say, a coordination mechanism between these two establishments is essential to avoid any failure in updating the GPF accounts,” he said.

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This OM has also taken the following decisions to avoid such grievances and for the sake of greater transparency:

  • Intimate information on missing credits: “It will be mandatory for all offices holding GPF accounts to report details of missing credits, once per fiscal year, to the authority responsible for deducting the GPF subscription, under intimation to the ‘subscriber concerned,’ said OM. .
  • Full details to subscribers: OM said: “A full statement of all credits, debits and interest, since inception of the GPF account, will be provided to each subscriber, mandatorily two years before their retirement date and then one year before the retirement date. Any Subscriber may make representation on any such statement provided to them and the office maintaining the GPF account will resolve the grievance within 60 days from the date of receipt of such grievance.
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