Palampur civic body faces severe shortage of funds: The Tribune India

Ravinder Sood

Palampur, December 17

The government has not released funds for development works such as the installation of street lamps, re-carpeting of internal roads, reinforcement of the drainage system and the purchase of garbage disposal machinery in Palampur .

The MC was established in Palampur in December last year by merging 15 panchayats there. These panchayat areas were fully urbanized as dozens of new housing colonies had sprung up, but without any civic amenities.

Government ignores city ruled by Cong

The government extends mother-in-law treatment to the city since it is governed by Congress. Mandi also got MC status with Palampur but the state government provided manpower as well as liberal funds to Mandi alone. —Poonam Bali, Mayor of Palampur MC

However, even after a year, the inhabitants of these areas do not have access to basic amenities.

Information collected by The Tribune revealed that the state government released funds only for the works under the Swachh Bharat mission. The MC had no funds to build a rain shelter, drains, paths and roads. In many neighborhoods not a single brick has been laid in the past year. Rajpur, Tanda, Maranda, Banuri, Bindravan and Chokki were the most affected, where no development work had been undertaken.

Poonam Bali, Mayor of Palampur MC, said the government was giving mother-in-law treatment to the city as it was governed by Congress. The MC’s priority was to modernize the Alma waste treatment plant but despite repeated requests, no funds were released for the purchase of machinery.

The plant was installed by Aima panchayat for the treatment of garbage from only two panchayats. Later, it was handed over to the civic body after its formation, but the factory is unable to bear the load of 15 quarters. Therefore, a new plant is needed immediately. If no funds were released, it would be difficult for the MC to collect, process and dispose of the city’s trash, the mayor said.

Poonam said the state government also failed to provide manpower, which delayed the approval of maps for new buildings, leading to further inconvenience. Mandi town also got MC status along with Palampur but the state government provided manpower as well as liberal fund to Mandi, she claimed.

As for the installation of streetlights, it would be commissioned next year. All councilors were working united for the development of Palampur despite the obstacles, Poonam added.

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