Nevis Blind Light & Visually Impaired Society Host Fundraising Luncheon

Chair Ms. Jenipha Freeman, Member Mr. Synrick Morton, Committee Member Ms. Jacqueline Claxton, Member Ms. Scicely Daniel and Member Ms. Lorene Freeman at the Wednesday May 18 meeting.

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CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, May 20, 2022 (MMS-SKN) – One of Nevis’ long-standing community/welfare groups, the Nevis Blind Light and Visually Impaired Society, will be hosting a luncheon on Wednesday, May 25 to raise funds to support three scholarship recipients.

“We have been offering scholarships for a few years now,” explained the Society’s president, Ms. Jenipha Freeman. “Currently, we have three scholarship recipients, two girls and a boy. The boy is in secondary school in Gingerland, one of the girls is in Nevis International Secondary School in Brown Pasture and the other girl is in her final year at Violet O. Jeffers Nicholas Primary School (VOJN) in Combermere.

Ms Freeman made the remarks on Wednesday May 18 when she, committee member Ms Jacqueline Claxton and members Mr Synrick Morton, Ms Scicely Daniel and Ms Lorene Freeman met at Ramsbury School for the Blind to make final arrangements for lunch to be held at the same location.

Mrs Wilma Ward, a member of the Nevis Blind Light and Visually Impaired Society, had come earlier and helped clean the chicken which will be cooked for lunch, as she had to leave for a meeting elsewhere.

According to President Ms. Freeman, the society holds two fundraising luncheons each year, one in May and the other in November. She pointed out that this lunch is important for them because they need to raise enough money to make up for the shortfall due to the fact that for two years they have not held their benefit concert which is usually held in February. due to the covid19 pandemic.

“The children who have been selected are children with visual problems,” observed Ms. Freeman. “VOJN’s kid, she’s not as bad as the private high school girl, but she’s fine. The guy who is in Gingerland High School is doing well in school too, as he is only blind in one eye.

Tickets, which cost $25, are on sale to members of the society and they encourage the public to support them in this noble gesture.

Ms Freeman, president of the association since 1997, pointed out that the scholarships cover the whole of primary and secondary education up to the sixth year once they do well in school.

“We give our students $750 a year, and we would also give them an envelope in December when we give to people in the general public,” Ms. Freeman said. “Although we are a society called Nevis Blind Light and Visually Impaired Society, we also donate to other disabled people as it could be a child in a wheelchair. We have other children we donate to, but it’s usually at the end of the year in December. And we also have adults we would like to help.

Members of the society who pay an annual fee of $25 ensure that the society has sufficient funds to meet some of its financial obligations by supporting needy members and people with other forms of disability in the society by paying a monthly contribution of ten dollars.

She explained that the next lunch will hopefully be at the end of October as this will give them more time to raise money as these funds will be used to give to needy members of the general public in December for Christmas.

“We usually send out our Christmas envelopes something like the week before Christmas so by the time Christmas comes around they got it maybe a week ago and they can buy whatever they want with it. “said Ms. Freeman.

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