Budget 2022: Additional $100 million for enhanced fundraising program; increased support for charities

SINGAPORE — Charities will get a boost as the government announced a $100 million top-up to the enhanced Tote Board fundraising scheme for a new three-year period.

Charities can apply to receive dollar-for-dollar matching for eligible donations capped at $250,000 per charity each year. This applies to donations collected at fundraising events or on approved digital platforms.

Finance Minister Lawrence Wong, who presented the budget to parliament on Friday February 18, said the top-up was aimed at further supporting the charitable sector and encouraging residents to give back to the community.

Citing donations received on the online platform Giving.sg, which tripled to approximately $100 million in 2021 from the previous year, Wong said, “The community plays a vital role in building a caring and inclusive home. During the pandemic, we have seen an outpouring of generosity, kindness and support from Singaporeans.

“We will build on this momentum to strengthen the culture of giving in our society.”

After a charity uses the $250,000 annual matching cap, the Tote Board will continue to provide a 40% match for eligible fundraising projects capped at $100,000 per project. Each charity can submit up to five applications per year.

Additional support was also announced for the arts and sports sector, including an additional $150 million for the Cultural Matching Fund, which will be extended for three years.

The fund encourages cultural philanthropy through a dollar-for-dollar match for private cash donations made to eligible arts and heritage charities.

Charities will also receive support through the Charities Capability Fund (CCF), which will receive an additional $26 million and be extended for five years.

“This will help develop a more productive and innovative charitable sector and enable them to do more for the community,” Mr Wong said.

The CCF provides support to build the governance and management capacity of charities, offering five different grants in the areas of training, consulting, shared services, infocomm technology, and working with other organizations.

More information will be available on the charity portal www.charities.gov.sg from 1 April, the start date of the new tranche.

To support the country’s athletes and strengthen the high performance sports ecosystem, Wong announced that the government will extend the One Team Singapore Fund (OTSF) for another five years.

“This will provide dollar-for-dollar matching for donations to rally support for our Team Singapore athletes,” he added.

The OTSF grant matches cash donations to support Team Singapore athletes. Cash donations are only eligible for matching if donated to the 2030 Vision Fund or eligible national sport associations. Vision 2030 refers to the master plan drawn up for Singapore Sports in 2011.

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