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The price of Gregg’s “Death by Chocolate” cake is on the rise (now $10.54 a share on DoorDash), but that’s nothing compared to the funds Rhode Island’s top political candidates will rake in this election season.

My colleague Ed Fitzpatrick has a strong summary of the position of the gubernatorial candidates as of December 31, 2021, but here is my quarterly look at the number voice slices of cake they could buy if they were just a little smarter about how they spend their money.

A few tasty notes:

🎂 State Treasurer Seth Magazine ended the year with $1,602,096 in hand, good for 152,001 pie slices. Since he is busy transferring that money to his federal campaign account for his congressional bid, the Speaker of the House by Joseph Shekarchi $1,509,197 (143,187 installments) is once again king of state fundraising.

🎂 Among other legislative leaders, the President of the Senate Dominique Ruggerio brought in $156,190 on hand, enough to buy 14,818 slices of cake. He is preceded by his number 2, majority leader in the Senate Michael McCaffrey (he prefers Warwick Gregg’s), which fetched $228,443, good for 21,673 slices. House Majority Leader Chris Blazejewski ended the year with 159,771, or 15,158 slices.

🎂 US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo still has plenty of campaign money to spend at Gregg’s when she travels to her home country. With $591,682 in hand, that’s almost enough to buy every registered Democrat in Providence a piece of cake.

🎂 In the race for lieutenant governor, the incumbent Democrat Sabine Matos declared $309,009 (29,317 tranches) on hand. His main challenger, State Senator Cynthia Mendes, could show East Providence Gregg love with the $53,486 in his account (that’s enough for 5,074 slices).


Governor Dan McKee (D)

🎂 Cash: $844,087

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 80,084

Helena Foulkes (D)

🎂 Cash: $830,896

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 78,832

Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea (D)

🎂 Cash: $769,603

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 73,017

Matte brown (D)

🎂 Cash: $38,124

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 3,617

Luis Daniel Munoz (D)

🎂 Cash: $3,401.40

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 322


Brett Smiley (D)

🎂 Cash: $535,614

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 50,817

Michael Solomon (D)

🎂 Cash: $300,205

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 28,482

Gonzalo Cuervo (D)

🎂 Cash: $216,381

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 20,529

Councilwoman Nirva LaFortune (D)

🎂 Cash: $171,156

🎂 Slices of Death by Chocolate who buys: 16,238

* No Republican candidate has announced a gubernatorial or mayoral post, although the Providence Journal reported Monday that Ashley Kalus East consider running for governor.

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