A CCAC report denounces the management of the Education Development Fund

The Commission Against Corruption (CCAC) released a report today (Thursday) criticizing the management of the Education Development Fund (EDF) on grants to schools under the school development plan.

The CCAC states that “various deficiencies were found in the rules and regulations of the school development plan grant application mechanism, including in terms of grant award analysis, verification and approval, issuance of the grant and supervision “There was some vagueness about the knowledge and actions of the FDEs which gave rise to many foreseeable or avoidable irregular situations”, according to the press release from the CCAC accompanying the report.

One of the main issues highlighted was that the EDF implicitly allowed schools to manage and relocate their grants. The “lack of initiative to monitor the implementation of the subsidies granted” has affected the management and control of the use of public money”. The anti-corruption body concludes that these defects involved administrative irregularities” and in certain situations “there were even administrative irregularities”.

The CCAC states that “in reviewing and approving certain applications, the EDF neither strictly adhered to the rules and regulations of the grant applications it prepared for approving grants, nor strictly followed the requirements specific submission of documents for review and approval”.

In the report to the CEO, the CCAC suggests adopting a statutory consequence for non-reimbursement and preventing irregular claims for reimbursement by “redirecting” grants.

The Fund should also establish a database of reputable contractors for candidate referral and options and consider “establishing a comprehensive recusal system applicable to its staff”.

In the meantime, the FDE has already reviewed and updated part of the provisions of the internal rules of the “School Development Plan” grant application for the 2021/2022 school year, notes the CCAC press release. .

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